Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feel so embarrassed to talk in English

I wanna tell you about the only big problem i ever had, not about love.

One month ago, I finished with my english lesson in LIA, huh, finally, i've been through six years since i was in first grade at junior high school. I wanna confess to all of you who read this post. I'm good enough at grammar in english. You might be asking me, so what's the problem? I'm lack of confidence in spoken english, i feel so nervous and too many mmmm mmmm hmmm when i speak in english. The words that already in my mind, restrained in my lips. Aaaaaaaa that's a big deal really really big deal. Actually, i can practice with my brother but you-know-what?? i feel so embarassed to ask him "hey bro, can you help me practice in conversation?". I bet, my silly face will appear while i ask him like that. So, i decided to find another english lesson with native speaker, but it'll take much money, right? My mother was agree with that plan but there's no time in my life without wasting my parents money. It's so dilemmatic.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm back

Berhubung ini blog terpajang di profile fb gue, dan siapa tau diliat orang banyak. Gue merasa sudah saatnya tidak membawa masalah pribadi ke ranah publik hahahaha. Jadi, semua post yg dulu ada di blog ini gue delete, agak memalukan buat gue yg sekarang, post sok lucu dan post yg mewek gara-gara urusan cinta. Well, that's so yesterday for me and I swear, if I don't wanna do that anymore (curhat menye-menye dan belaga ngelawak dengan harapan bisa kaya Raditya Dika). Ya, sekarang gue balik lagi karena internet dirumah udah konek lagi. Semoga apa yg gue share di blog ini kedepannya ga bikin orang enek ye :) dan bermanfaat